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Self-Triage without endless questions.

Self-Triage is a vital tool for enhancing patient experience, driving access, acquisition and evidence-based scheduling. Isabel’s Self-Triage engine delivers a predictable and efficient experience through any channel helping patients find the right care with the right urgency.

Isabel’s unique AI technology based on machine learning, enables patients to get triage advice in under a minute asking just 11 questions! User drop off rates for Isabel are less than 5% compared to 60-80% for decision tree symptom checkers.

Our comprehensive API or native browser version enables rapid deployment of Isabel Self-Triage into a wide range of applications such as websites, conversational AI, non-clinical agent call centers, global health information sites, find a doctor sites etc.

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Streamlining the Patient Experience

Isabel is the only self or virtual triage system built to work with conversational virtual assistants. Since Isabel was trained using natural language, it can recognize an almost infinite range of symptoms and will always provide triage results. All other systems are rules-based and are limited to only those symptoms they recognize which can often result in no action or “Sorry, it seems I can't answer this” driving patient dissatisfaction and high drop off rates.

Here is an example of a typical workflow, following the use of the Isabel native look and feel. The patient starts by entering their age, sex at birth and symptoms in their own words.

Symptoms can be entered using any combination of either free text or selected from a drop-down list of over 25,000 autocomplete phrases.

Next, they simply answer 7 standard questions about the onset, severity, and duration of their symptoms. These same standard questions appear each time.

The patient quickly sees the recommended level of care and appropriate venue within your health system where care can be provided. The venues of care can be tailored to your organization’s services.

To summarize, the incredible benefits our customers have got from implementing the Isabel Self-Triage are:
  • Self or Virtual Triage with only 11 questions results in a 97% completion rate minimizing drop off
  • Up to 57% of patients completing Isabel Self-Triage select an appointment scheduling option
  • 50% of those using Isabel Self-Triage were net new patients!
  • Isabel Self-Triage accurately suggests the correct condition in its list of suggested conditions provided back to your clinicians in 96% of cases
  • All ages covered from new-born to senior
  • Self-Triage on par or better than current benchmark nurse triage protocols but with no limitations on symptoms/chief complaints which can be evaluated
  • 92% patients said they would use again
  • Can be deployed in any channel and workflow providing consistent triage experience

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